SMS Marketing

Send messages tailored to your target audience. We can send up to 800,000 messages within 24 hours, ensuring timely delivery.

We provide Opt-in SMS

You can trust in us to provide 4.2 million Opt-in SMS records, targeted, personalized and customized Opt-in SMS solutions to give you result. We will provide:

  • Cost effective Opt-in SMS campaigns
  • Reliability with high output capabilities
  • Cloud based security
  • Full management of your Opt-in SMS campaigns, offering minimum effort on your part

Connect with your Audience and Initiate results

BSM will help you change from traditional Opt-in SMS messages, towards creating visual & personalized experiences on mobile with access to tools such as;

  • Survey & lead generation forms through Opt-in SMS Campaigns
  • Social media engagement
  • Images, Video content, PDF’s with access to price lists and product information fom feedback through Opt-in SMS campaigns.

Real Time Customer Information

Track your mobile engagement strategy:


  • We can supply you with your own interface allowing the download of results from Opt-in SMS campaigns which includes data and graphs directly from the platform
  • You can identify detailed audience behaviors from results with your Opt-in SMS Campaigns
  • Identify best days and time to engage your audience results derived from your Opt-in SMS Campaigns

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