Data Leasing

Telemarketing and Direct mail are effective marketing tools for businesses, to connect personally with your target audience.

Telemarketing is a more interactive experience, with the opportunity to answer questions, explain points thoroughly and create and update sales leads in real-time.

Direct Mail is creative in a tactile way that other marketing methods cannot produce.

Obtaining accurate and useful contact information is difficult, undertaking campaigns without consideration to individual attributes can be costly and unsuccessful. BuzzSaw Media assists in offering data, advice and delivery cost effectively.

However, getting accurate and useful contact information about your target audience can be difficult. Yet, telemarketing or direct mail campaigns that are not undertaken with some consideration of the individual attributes of the recipients are likely to be costly and unsuccessful.

BuzzSaw Media can help. We have more than 9 million records of unique, comprehensive, and validated consumer data that can be layered to find the right contacts for your business.


Each month, the data is cleansed and updated to remove deceased and inaccurate records, privacy suppressions and DNCR (Do Not Call Register) requests, so you can be sure to have up to date, useful data.

The Process

We work with you to identify what data attributes may be required. Record/Data counts and sample data is offered.

We manage the entire process, from data requirements through to artwork and delivery options, followed by reporting and assessment.


BuzzSaw Media does not sell personal contact information and adheres to the ACMA DNCR and SPAM act legislation. Buzzsaw Media can assist with SMS or email campaigns run parallel to and enhancing other telemarketing campaigns. Contact BuzzSaw Media to discuss your needs and we will help you find the best solution.